Memphis on a Sunday 

Mom and I made pretty good time from Springfield to Memphis. We ran into a little bit of weather, but it made for some beautiful skies. We also stopped for some (hopefully) winning Powerball tickets in the big city of Pomona, MO – population 500ish. Why is it that the tiniest towns have the biggest lotto winners? 

It was still raining when we got to Memphis, and after a frustrating search for parking, we finally got settled into our Airbnb apartment. It’s a cute little place on the ninth floor of the Exchange Building. 

After some freshening up, we walked a few blocks to Beale Street. Following a cursory cruise up and down Beale, we stopped at B.B. King’s for an ice cold local beer (Ghost River Golden Ale) and a little blues music courtesy of Blind Mississippi Morris. While we both could have stayed for a couple more beers, we were getting hungry and decided to move on. 

I had noticed a Flying Saucer pub on our walk from the apartment and thought mom might enjoy a stop there. We entered and observed the hundreds of plates (saucers) glued all over the walls and ceiling. And of course, the dozens upon dozens of beer taps on the wall. Instead of trying to decide on a particular beer on our own, we told the server what we liked and she brought us some samples. We both settled on a brown ale, which was tasty, but not nearly as tasty as our burger. It had blue cheese slaw on it -slaw made with blue cheese dressing instead of mayo- and I haven’t shut up about it since last night. It was unexpectedly good. 

We were both a bit tired from the drive, so we called it an early night. Monday we’ll go to the National Civil Rights Museum and we want to be rested enough to stay several hours to take it all in. Gus’s Fried Chicken is also on the agenda, and I have a feeling we’ll need to be rested for that, too. 

Stormy skies somewhere in Arkansas.
Have I found a solution to my messed up feet?!?
View from B.B. King’s on Beale Street
Blind Mississippi Morris at B.B. King’s.
This doesn’t even include the draught beers. (No photo of that damn delicious burger – I ate my half too fast.)

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