Queen City to Crescent City

I am very lucky to work for a company that sends me to a conference once a year. These conferences are for administrative professionals and include keynote speakers, networking opportunities, and sessions in various areas of professional improvement. This year, the conference (IAAP Summit) is in New Orleans.

It's been many years since I was in New Orleans. I was here in the summer of 1984 for the World's Fair, which is really cool (and would be cooler if I had been older than three and a half years old and could remember it). Then when I was around ten, maybe, the family passed through for a day or so on our way to somewhere else for summer vacation. So, basically, I've never been here as a grown-ass person. And I'm damn excited to be here.

Today was mostly spent traveling (SGF>DFW>MSY) – how cool is it that their airport is named after Louis freaking Armstrong?? I have conference sessions to attend for a few days, but I'll be here for a couple days after the conference is over and will be able to do as I please. My must-do list includes cemeteries (duh), Central Grocery for a muffuletta, Frenchman Street, Cafe DuMonde for beignets and café au lait, and the World War II Museum. There are a lot of other things on the list, but I'm playing those by ear. I can't wait to start taking some photos of this amazing city.

PS – Another benefit of traveling for work is that the hotel I'm staying in is a "preferred hotel" of Jack Henry and Associates, and I'm pretty sure that's how I got a free upgrade to a huge room with a full kitchen. SCORE.

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