Five Days in New Orleans. Day One.

Five Days in New Orleans. The city was incredible. The people were so kind. The air was humid AF. And the food was amazing.

Day One:  Sunday was spent in some conference sessions, but who the hell wants to hear about that? Let’s get to the food, shall we? Lunch was at a delightful little health food restaurant in the Central Business District called The Daily Beet (I know, who in the world eats healthy in NOLA, right? Trust me, it was an exception to the rule while I was there.) I had a super tasty Greek Salad and a berry smoothie for dessert. If you find yourself in New Orleans and need a respite from deep-fried and heavy, this is your place.

That evening one of my fellow Jack Henry administrative assistants and I went to Frenchmen Street to wander and grab some dinner. We came across an adorable market full of local artists and craftspeople. As it turns out, it was the very last night the market would be there – the owner of the property was evicting the person who managed the market. It was a bummer for the artists, but they were mostly optimistic that it would reopen. I bought a lovely print by a local painter, Hanna Lemoine. She is wickedly talented and you should check out her work online.

Dinner was at The Praline Connection and I had a hot sausage po’ boy. It was simple and delicious. And huge – I could only eat half of it! Our server’s name was Queen and she was an absolute delight. There’s just something about being in the South that makes it perfectly acceptable to call total strangers “darlin'” “honey” and “sweetie”, and she called us all three of those in the course of one sentence. After dinner, we were in dire need of a walk so we strolled around Frenchmen and onto a side street where we found another little market full of artists, as well as a shop where I bought the most ridiculously sparkly druzy necklace – I’m not normally one for flashy stuff, but it felt like this piece of jewelry might somehow improve my life, and who could pass that up? As we were walking out of the market area, we chatted with the folks at one booth and they told us what bars we needed to visit (and what areas NOT to wander into). As soon as they mentioned, “Burlesque Bingo” on Monday nights, I had to make sure we got the name of that bar written down so we wouldn’t forget. You see, once you find out that something like Burlesque Bingo exists, you simply must see it for yourself. We would find out all about Bar Mon Cher – and fall madly in love with it – within 24 hours.

Frenchmen Street purchases
Lovely print and bling from Frenchmen Street purveyors.


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