Last day in Nawlins.

Thursday: The day I could feel a stupid head cold coming on. My original plan was to go to the National World War II Museum, but I was feeling pretty puny and thought I might not be able to give my full attention or dedicate 4-5 hours to the intensity of such a place. So instead I slept in a bit, ate the free breakfast at the hotel, and then took a short walk to a trolley stop for a ride into the Garden District. The trolley is cheap ($3 for an all-day pass) and since there are multiple trolley lines, you can cover a lot of ground. And of course since the St. Charles trolley went close to another cemetery, that's where I ended up for a bit. Lafayette Cemetery #1 is much smaller than St. Louis Cemetery #1, but you don't need a tour guide to enter. It also seemed to be more in need of restoration and attention, but that definitely added to its character and charm.


After working up a sweat at Lafayette (hey, that rhymes!), I had also worked up an appetite and decided it was time to take the trolley back to the Central Business District to check out Cochon Butcher. After walking a few blocks to the trolley stop and waiting about 10 minutes (in the shade, thankfully), I was back on the trolley headed for lunch. Once we were a couple stops away from where I was going to get off, the conductor announced that everyone had to get off the trolley; there was a car accident up the line and he could not keep going. Everyone looked a bit puzzled for a few seconds, then began making their way off the trolley. I was pretty close to where I wanted to go anyway, so I didn't mind. As I walked toward my destination, I turned a corner and saw news camera crews and a bunch of looky-loos taking pictures with their phones. I had stumbled across the car accident. I wish I had taken a pic, but there were so many people standing around and about five police cars, so I thought it better to be on my way. Suffice to say, it was an ugly wreck and totally understandable why our trolley could go no farther.

I arrived at the corner where Cochon was located on the map. I saw a sign that said "COCHON". I went inside. I thought, "Hmm…this sure looks fancy for a butcher/sandwich shop." I was seated. I looked at the menu. I realized this was NOT Cochon Butcher. My server arrived and I told her I didn't think I was in the right place, is there someplace nearby that sells sandwiches? She was very gracious, and said, "Yes, the Butcher. It's right this way," and walked me about 10 feet to a door that led outside, then pointed to another door about 20 feet away. Sigh. I blamed the heat for my confusion, but I'm pretty sure I am not the first to get these places mixed up, nor will I be the last, and I wanted to share this info with any readers who have not been there yet – Cochon Restaurant and Cochon Butcher are two totally different places. I'm sure the Restaurant is lovely, but I wanted a damn Cubano sandwich. And I got a damn Cubano, and it was damn delicious. The meat was obviously fresh, the pickles were homemade, and the bread was perfect. Highly recommend.

Dinner was bread pudding and coffee at one of the hotel restaurants. It was a nice, quiet end to a great trip.

There are still a ton of things I'd like to do in New Orleans and I hope to go back sometime. But next time I'll go in the spring. Or fall. Just not the dead of summer. 😉


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